Gowthami Palle

Gowthami Palle

HBSc Computer science Specialist (Specialized in Software Engineering)

Hi, I am Gowthami and I'm a recent Computer Science graduate. I chose UTSC because of their well-known Co-op program. In my first year, there were plenty of women in CMS. However, starting in second year the number of women in the program drastically decreased.

At first it was very isolating because it was hard to find other women who can relate to your experiences. Although this was quite discouraging, I was determined to complete my degree in the CS program. I joined WiCSM in the year it was founded as an Events Coordinator. I met some amazing women in the CMS program who were inspiring and encouraging.

To all the women planning to pursue a career in CMS, do not let gender ratio stop you from doing so. If you are determined enough, you can achieve anything regardless of the environment you are in. Do not be afraid to reach out to others when you need help. There are people willing to build a community. Having people around you will make it easier for you to get through university.

Looking back, the only thing I would say to my first year self is that the next four years are going to be tough but not impossible. I hope you find this helpful. Enjoy your time at UTSC!